Newcomer Information


Florida's minimum coverage is $10,000 property damage liability (PDL as long as one has a valid Florida tag). Proof of this insurance must be shown to obtain automobile tags.

Non-residents - such as tourists, students and military personnel - who have a car in Florida for more than 90 days during a year are required to have No-Fault Insurance. (The 90 days do not have to be consecutive.)

For more information on the state's insurance laws, call 1-800-342-2762.


Within 30 days of moving to Florida, one must obtain a Florida license plate if one:

  • Is employed here.
  • Has children who attend school in the state.
  • Claims a homestead exemption.
  • Registers to vote.

To get your license plate, a vehicle registration, proof of insurance and automobile title must be taken to any tag office. For more information, contact the Hillsborough County Tax Collector's Office at 635-5200.


If one becomes a resident of Florida, is employed here, or enrolls children in area public schools, one must have a valid Florida driver's license within 30 days. The license is good for 6 years and is renewable by the driver's birth date. (To renew, please call to see what identification is required)
For more information or to make an appointment, call 740-7534.


Simply moving to Florida does not make one a legal resident. One must register to vote or file a Declaration of Domicile with the circuit court. For more information, contact the Clerk of the
Circuit Court at 276-8100.


There is a 7% sales tax in Hillsborough County. Florida has no state personal income tax. The state
constitution of Florida allows up to $50,000 (additional $25,000 does not apply to school taxes)
to be deducted from the assessed value of a primary residence. The homeowner must file for the
exemption with the County Property Appraiser's Office between January 1 and March 1 for the first
time. The exemption will renew automatically on an annual basis. The county will send the renewal by mail. No action is required on the homeowner's part.

For more information, call 635-5200.


One must be at least 18 years old (with proof of age) and be a permanent resident of the State of
Florida to register to vote. 

Registration must be at least 30 days prior to an election in order to vote in that election. For more
information, call the Supervisor of Elections at 272-5850.


 Month Hi Temp  Low temp  Rainfall  Ocean Temp
 Jan. 72° F 49° F  2.73 in. 62° F
 Feb. 74° F 51° F  3.05 in. 64° F
Mar.  78° F  55° F  3.39 in.  68° F
Apr. 82° F 59° F 2.20 in. 74° F
May 87° F 65° F 3.58 in. 80° F
Jun. 89° F 70° F 7.35 in. 84° F
Jul. 84° F 72° F 7.51 in. 86° F
Aug. 90° F 72° F 7.71 in. 86° F
Sept. 89° F 71° F 6.62 in. 84° F
Oct. 84° F 64° F 2.36 in. 78° F
Nov. 78° F 57° F 2.12 in. 70° F
Dec. 73° F 51° F 2.55 in. 64° F



Apalachicola  292
Arcadia   82
Bartow  40
Boca Raton  218 
Bradenton 41
Brooksville 45
Bushnell 57
Clearwater 22
Cocoa 122
Dade City 38
Daytona Beach 139
Deland 119
Ft. Lauderdale 234
Ft. Myers 123
Ft. Pierce 145
Ft. Walton Bch 385
Gainesville 128
Hollywood 237
Homestead 260
Inverness 66
Jacksonville 188
Key West 387
Kissimmee 74
Lakeland 32
Lake City 167
Largo 24
Madison 208
Melbourne 129
Miami 245
Naples 156
New Port Richey 33
New Smyrna Bch 136
Ocala 93
Okeechobee 132
Orlando 85
Panama city 331
Pensacola 425
Plant City 21
Pompano Bch 227
Punta Gorda 100
Quincy 262
St. Augustine 177
St. Petersburg 20
Sanford 108
Sarasota 53
Sebring 84
Starke 149
Stuart 160
Tallahassee 239
Venice 71
Vero Beach 134
West Palm Bch 193
Winter Haven 47


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